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CAMO, Part-145, and Compliance Forms for Free Download 

As aircraft operators and maintenance teams, it is essential to meet the required compliance standards and ensure that your aircraft are always in excellent condition. To achieve this, CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization), Part-145, and Compliance forms must be properly filled out and managed. We offer both free and premium versions of these forms for download to meet your needs.

Our collection includes various forms needed for operating a CAMO, a Part-145 maintenance organization, and for complying with compliance requirements. To start the download, simply click on the appropriate links below or send us a request.

Premium Downloads

Available upon request (paid)

  • Compliance List - Part-26 incl. CS-26
    100 €
  • Compliance List - Part-CAMO incl. AMC
    150 €
  • Compliance List - Part-M incl. AMC
    150 €
  • Compliance List – Part-145 incl. AMC
    150 €
  • Personnel Competency Assessment Part-145 (CAMO)
    150 €
  • Personnel Competency Assessment Form (CAMO)
    100 €
Note: A question catalog for Part-CAMO and Part-M topics is also available upon request.
  • SB-Assessment Sheet (non-mandatory information)
    on request
  • Airworthiness Review Compliance Report / Checklist
    on request
  • ~CAME and MOE Templates including management system / SMS are available on request via one of our partners.
    on request

Please contact us if you require any forms.

Privacy Policy

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The contents of our pages have been created with the utmost care. However, we cannot assume any liability for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the contents. Therefore, we recommend that you always keep the regulations and requirements for CAMO, Part-145, and Compliance up to date and contact KaPAirCo or responsible authorities in case of uncertainties. Our goal is to provide you with helpful and user-friendly resources to make your work more efficient and easier.