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Airline and commercial helicopter operations

KaPAirCo Aviation GmbH

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KaPAirCo was founded in 2018 by Karsten Palt to support aviation companies, including airlines, helicopter operators, and maintenance organizations, in the field of airworthiness.

Since April 2023, the company has been operating as KaPAirCo Aviation GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany. An extensive network of aviation experts is available for support when needed. Our primary focus is on safety and compliance, maintaining airworthiness (EASA Part-CAMO & Part-M), and maintenance (EASA Part-145).

Founder and Managing Director, Karsten Palt, is an aviation specialist with 25 years of experience in the airline and commercial helicopter operation sectors. He has a proven track record in developing and optimizing processes in compliance with European aviation regulations.

Throughout his career, Karsten Palt has served as a Quality Manager (now Compliance Monitoring Manager), Airworthiness Review Staff, and as the responsible person for continuing airworthiness (Nominated Person for Continuing Airworthiness, NPCA). He has been approved multiple times by the German Civil Aviation Authority, the Federal Aviation Office (LBA). His successfully completed projects include Part-CAMO transitions in numerous companies, the implementation of regulation-compliant quality management systems, extensive reorganizations of several CAMOs, and the introduction of various aviation management software solutions such as AMOS, Gannet, and ASA SAM.