Consulting for

  • Obtaining approvals (AOC, CAMO, Part-145)
  • Cost analysis
  • Aircraft configuration
  • Development of contracts
  • Establishment of EN 9100/9110/9120 quality management systems

Advice and support for

  • Personnel planning and assessment
  • Tenders
  • Infrastructure planning and design (hangar, stores, offices, maintenance shops, line stations)

We advise you in all phases of the development of your aviation company. The services include obtaining of regulatory approvals, such as the AOC, CAMO or your maintenance organization. We help you to configure your aircraft and assist you in negotiating your supplier and maintenance contracts. 

Interim Management

Temporary freelance as

  • Compliance Monitoring Manager / Quality Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • CAMO Manager and Airworthiness Review Staff
  • Accountable Manager
  • Maintenance Manager

We can help you to close gaps in your management positions. We can support as well with our network to find the right manager for the required position.

Safety, Quality und Compliance

  • Independent audits of flight operations, ground operations, airworthiness, maintenance, design/developments and production
  • Supplier audits
  • Product audits
  • Internal audits
  • Management system
  • Support for external audits (audits by authorities and customers)
Audit support
  • Development of audit schedules
  • Development of audit questionnaires and checklists
  • Compliance Checks
  • Delta / Gap Analysis
  • Integration Checks
  • Support for closure of audit findings
Other Q&S tasks
  • Occurrence reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Independent investigations

We support your management system for safety, regulatory compliance and quality. Supplier audits as well as internal audits of your organisation can be performed. Especially the required independent audit of your management system can be done on your behalf.

Subcontracted Airworthiness Management Tasks

Accomplishment of SCAMT services i.a.w. CAMO.A.125(d)(3)

  • Aircraft maintenance programs
  • Planning
  • AD Monitoring
  • Control of modifications (SB, STC, minor/major change)
  • Repair control
  • Reliability program
  • Mass & Balance

We perform the extensive CAMO tasks and you can concentrate on your core business. Possible for the start-up period of your business and as a permanent support. These services are performed on your behalf acc. to your rules and processes and are audited by your organization.

Aircraft Management Software

Provider-independent advice and support for the implementation of aircraft management software and compliance & safety management systems

  • Risk assessment and risk minimization
  • Project management
  • Adjustment of processes and workflows
  • Support for data import

Especially for AMOS, Gannet, SAM and Q-Pulse do we have extensive experience to support your project. We can reduce your workload and sorrows. We can support you for other aviation software systems as well.

Manuals and Documentation

Advice and support for the development of

  • CAME – Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (acc. to Part-CAMO)
  • MOE – Maintenance Organisation Exposition (acc. to Part-145, EMAR-145)
  • OMM – Organisation Management Manual (acc. to EASA Air Ops, etc.)
  • AMP – Aircraft Maintenance Program
  • Reliability programs
  • MEL – Minimum Equipment List
  • Training plans and material
  • Process maps, descriptions and manuals

We can support you in development of manuals that can easily be approved by the competent authority. We bring a lot of experience in creating and editing manuals in the systems Webmanuals and Fleetplan. We will be glad to support you for other documents as well. The organisation of your controlled documents can also be supported by us.

Supervision and representationSupervision and representation

Representation at production and layovers

  • Base Maintenance
  • Aircraft production
  • Engine / APU Overhaul
  • Lease returns

We take over the supervision of your suppliers and represent your organization during Base-Maintenance events like C-Checks or during production before delivery of your new aircraft. We can represent your organization at the MRO also during engine overhauls and repairs.

Emergency Response

Advice for

  • Development of emergency response plans
  • Onsite coordination

Being prepared for the worst case is existential for the continued operation of your aviation company. We can support you for this field as well.


Performance of trainings for

  • Management system
  • Compliance Monitoring Management / Quality system
  • CAME
  • MOE
  • Operator procedures
  • Part-CAMO, Part-M, Part-145
  • Accountable Manager / Nominated Persons
  • CAMO Procedures and best practices

Trainings can per performed acc. to your approved processes and procedures at your organization and your suppliers. We can develop the training material if required.